The Well


Within each of us lies a place where our spiritual, emotional and physical health begs for nourishment. A place that requires discipline, wisdom, nurture and respect. It is the place where the dreams for our health, happiness, and vitality begin……..It is our Well. We are the Well and we can help you to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from experiencing the treasures that life is intended to bring. Good health, self-confidence, a happy family just a few of the vast array of hopes that we all have but many times are unable to achieve. At the Well we believe that there are natural answers to most of the afflictions that we face. Through real food, natural supplements, thoughtful counseling and friendship we have changed our client’s lives. We understand the difficulties, pressures and lack of time that our lives present and is with those obstacles in mind that we offer a personal approach to your individual needs.


33 Danbury Rd.
Wilton, Connecticut 06897
United States

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