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About the Founder:

Andrea Bendjouya

Green and Me Founder 


"The idea for Green and Me began after my first child was born. Within his first year and a half of life, my husband and I realized our son had immune system issues that were causing signficant delays in his development. We visited several doctors but were left without answers as to how to help him.

After many late nights and several years of research into alternative therapies, our son made major progress and we are happy to say he is now doing great! Going through such an experience made me see the importance of living a cleaner and more non toxic lifestyle. It also helped me see the value of having one specific place online where someone like me could find much of the information I was looking for, along with reviews from other consumers to help me make my decisions. Thus, Green and Me was born.

We hope you'll stick around. We'd love to have you!"


Andrea Bendjouya

Founder & Managing Director

Green and Me, LLC




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